Periods in the Pandemic: Menstrual Health & Hygiene in the Time of Covid-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19, India went into a 21-day lockdown starting March 24th, 2020. Essential commodities were the only items made exempt from restrictions but menstrual products did not make it to the list, making it difficult for millions of menstruators to manage their periods hygienically and with dignity.

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Feminist publishing is driven by the need to create a more equal, just world

Feminist publishing, to Zubaan Books, is driven by the impulse and need to create a more equal, just world, specifically by focusing on gender inequality and how it manifests in the fields of knowledge production and the business of literature.


Sexual Harassment and the Culture of Silence

An insistence on a drink? Repeated phone calls? Personal questions? What is sexual harassment – especially in a digital workplace – and how do you know when to speak up?